The Journal of IHW is an online magazine about information on medicine, health, well-being and the know-how of Italian doctors and health professionals around the world. The magazine is managed by a team of professionals and experts in the sectors


Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology since 2015 he lives in the United Arab Emirates and practices both in Dubai and Abudhabi working with different clinics and hospitals. Strong supporter of the value of Italian health know-how has designed and created the IHW platform to involve and give the right visibility to whoever practices the health profession abroad.


Graduated in Political Science. Since 2001 enrolled in the National Order of Journalists. She has collaborated with newspapers and press offices. After obtaining the master's degree in "Management and marketing of companies in digital TV", she worked at RAI for 12 years, dealing with service and entertainment programs. Since 2017 she has been working as a Editor in Chief of Health Online, a magazine of information on the healthcare of the Health Italia SpA group. She is also Editor in chief for the the editorial line of the Journal of Italian Healthcare World, an online magazine dedicated to medicine, health and wellbeing with the aim of highlighting Italian excellence abroad.


Graduated in Literature in 1999. Curiosity and great interest in social issues, medicine and health have allowed her to collaborate with dedicated newspapers. She is a contributor to Health Online, the period of information on integrative health of the Health Italia SPA group and of the Journal of Italian Healthcare World, an online magazine dedicated to medicine, health and well-being with the aim of highlighting Italian excellence abroad. .
After graduating in Public, Social and Political Communication Sciences, I specialized with a Master in parliamentary law and evaluation of public policies and subsequently I deepened the world of digital communication. I worked as a press officer and content's editor in institutional and private contexts. I was born with a pen in my hand: for as long as I can remember, I have always loved writing, keeping memories of memories, telling news and experiences, inventing stories. In my free time I write about my travels, but with my father doctor, I could not fail to be sensitive and interested in everything that is health and well-being. I joined the Journal of IHW after a fruitful and long collaboration with Dr. Mele in the editorial staff of Health Online, the bimonthly of Health Italia Spa
Graduated in Biology and specialist in clinical Microbiology and Virology. After the specialty he left Sardinia moving to New York City, where he worked at Columbia University (where he studied various respiratory viruses) and Mount Sinai, where his research focused on the role of the microbiota in the different phases of life and in various pathologies. During this period, he received the Trainee Innovation Idea Award, with a project aimed at formulating a spray for newborns born by caesarean section and capable of simulating the passage through the maternal birth canal. Since 2020 he has been working as a freelance medical writer, collaborating with various scientific communication agencies scattered throughout the national territory
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