Artificial intelligence applied to medicine. Italian excellence at Expo Dubai

The Italian Pavilion kicked off "Health & Wellness Week" with a forum on Italian innovations in the field of telemedicine, artificial intelligence in diagnostics and data analysis.


The Italian Pavilion will be the protagonist of the "Health & Wellness Week" of Expo 2020 Dubai with a series of events that will take place during the week dedicated to health and well-being.

Italy Pavilion kicked off “Health & Wellness Week” - one of the 10 thematic weeks of the "Program for People and Planet" of Expo 2020 Dubai - with a forum on artificial intelligence in the health field.

Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence, diagnostic imaging: Italian excellence at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Innovation Talk "Artificial intelligence applied to medicine: Italian excellence in telemedicine and telesurgery"

The innovation talk "Artificial intelligence applied to medicine: Italian excellence in telemedicine and telesurgery" (Artificial intelligence applied to medicine: Italian excellence in telemedicine and telesurgery), promoted by the Italian Pavilion in collaboration with the Bracco Group (Gold sponsor of the pavilion, ed), the Embassy of Italy in the United Arab Emirates and Italian Trade Agency (ITA), highlighted the increasingly important role of big data, today considered a fundamental asset for defining the strategic choices of institutions and companies to protect the well-being of citizens. 

The forum, online and in presence, was divided into 2 panels, in wich participated: Silvio Brusaferro, president ofHigher Institute of Health, Francesco Redivo, senior vice president, G42 Healthcare, Elena Magalotti, Global Brand Manager of the Bracco Group, Marco Simoni, president of Human Technopole, Mohammad Abdulqader Al Redha, Director of Health informatics & Smart Health Department Dubai Health Authority, Elena Bottinelli, President of Innovation & Digitalization Committee San Donato Group, Giuseppe Italiano, Professor of Computer Science - LUISS University of Rome, Carlo Logli, Chief Global Officers, Dante Labs, Francesca Spaggiari, Head of Communications of

Also present were the 18 Italian companies exhibiting ad Arab Health 2022, the Middle East medical sector fair. 

Opened the meeting works Silvio Brusaferro, president ofHigher Institute of Health in connection from Italy.

The subject of data is linked to the fight against the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

Brusaferro has in fact emphasized the importance of sharing data at the international level in this phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Data, innovation, and technology transfer are the key themes to reach the end of the pandemic”- said Brusaferro

To fight Covid “We need data sharing, integrated surveillance and information systems at the global level. Artificial intelligence and the integration of data between different countries are essential elements ".

How crucial collaboration is in this pandemic period and for the future, he talked about Francesco Redivo who told about the experience of the G42 in Abu Dhabi. “Since the beginning, we have collaborated with Sinopharm, the Chinese company that developed one of the first vaccines against Covid, and today we have started collaborations with other companies to develop other actions aimed at predicting the variants of the virus. Each country is adopting measures to prevent future variants ".

Francesco Redivo

The systems of artificial intelligence applied to medicine are at the heart of the digitalization process of healthcare accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Italy is a country at the forefront in the advanced diagnostics sector.

"On the journey towards the digital transformation of healthcare, the Bracco Group, the world leader in diagnostic imaging and medical systems, is embracing Artificial Intelligence with the mission of accelerating access to quality healthcare through advanced diagnostic imaging. and optimized, leveraging its experience in this field and its global network of scientific and academic institutions ”. This is what stated Elena Magalotti during his speech “'Artificial intelligence in medicine and diagnostic imaging: a strategic partnership between industry, university and hospital research“. 

Elena Magalotti

“Artificial intelligence applied to diagnostic imaging - she explained - is part of that segment of software applications called Medical Imaging Informatics, which by definition is a bridge between Imaging and other medical disciplines. The technological advances in Big Data imaging are marking a new era for medical imaging informatics that is marching towards precision medicine ”. 

Diagnostic imaging is at the heart of precision medicine and “can leverage AI to further support all stages of disease management, from prevention to therapy”. Said Elena Megalotti. The new scientific horizon consists in looking at specific diseases and how they evolve in each patient. “Bracco - she added - wants to follow this approach by offering diagnostic tools to identify the disease as quickly and as accurately as possible”.

Artificial Intelligence and Life Sciences

With the new paradigm of the concept of health understood as "prevention and maintenance of the state of health ", the medicine of the future is that of the 4 Ps: Preventive, Personalized, Precision, Predictive. 

“4P Medicine” is a scientific revolution favored by three contemporary trends: the development of systems medicine, the explosion of user-generated data (IOT, social networks) and the innovation of information technology.

The great challenge in the future of Life Sciences - pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, and production of medical devices and health services - is to "transform curative medicine into predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine", explained Elena Magalotti. “To achieve this goal - she concluded - it is essential to obtain relevant data on patients on a large scale, but also to embrace innovative approaches and continuously feed them with sophisticated technological skills. Partnerships between industry, universities, and hospital research centers will play a crucial role, enabling effective knowledge sharing and technology transfer ".

Marco Simoni

According to Marco Simoni, "The technology linked to intelligence and machine-learning is fundamental in its application in the life sciences, both to allow faster and more effective progress in the presence of a lot of data that we have available today thanks to new genomic technologies, and to ensure the sustainability of our health system, which due to the aging of the population will be increasingly subjected to pressure ".

The Innovation Talk ended with the speech of the Ambassador of Italy to the United Arab Emirates, Nicola Lener who underlined how the health sector has become a priority for the United Arab Emirates with great investment opportunities for Italy. "In the Emirates, there are already Italian players and there are already collaborations between Italian and local health institutions, but there are also investment opportunities by Italian groups in the health sector". "It is certainly very useful to focus on the health sector, in which Italy is investing significant resources, thanks also to the PNRR and in the light of a strategy we have had since November last year on artificial intelligence, aimed at increasing research, the skills, the applications of AI in a series of sectors, among which there is of course medicine ”.

Nicola Lener, Ambassador of Italy to the UAE

The forum held at the Italian Pavilion is “an appointment that crosses our priorities in a global context such as that of Expo - he added Lener - with a series of interlocutors not only in the Emirates, with whom we hope to be able to launch collaborations, but also internationally ".