Bologna technopole: the city of innovation presented at Expo Dubai

Climatology, physics, healthcare and Big Data. Emilia-Romagna, the European Data Valley, tells the potential of the Bologna Technopole for the universal explosion

Opportunity - Expo Dubai

The Emilia-Romagna region with the Bologna Technopole is becoming a national and international leader in supercomputing power.

The Bologna Technopole will be a national and European data hub that will attract universities, research centers and national and international investments. To illustrate the phases that will lead Emilia-Romagna to become a national supercomputing infrastructure, were the president of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Infn) Antonio Zoccoli, and the president of the Big data Foundation (Ifab), Francesco Ubertini, in the margin of Regional Day dedicated to Emilia Romagna in the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2020.  

"We are preparing a proposal that we will submit in mid-February in which we create a national infrastructure, of which the Technopole will be the hub, but inserted in a national supercomputing network" he explained Clogs. "There will be many satellite centers and a super-fast data transmission network that intersects with Europe." And once this is done, "we will naturally attract all Italian universities and research bodies, all Italian companies but also international collaborations with various partners", he stressed. “Those who are able to handle data in the next few years will have an advantage not only in research but also in the economy. This is Europe's investment and what we are aligning ourselves with, and in which we are trying to keep Italy one step ahead of many other nations ”. 

"In terms of computing infrastructure, today the Bologna Technopole is already among the first centers in the world", said Ubertini. "With this action of national infrastructure, where we aggregate scientific communities, groups of excellence and all the largest Italian companies to the Technopole, we reach a critical mass that becomes visible on a global level".

Forum "The Italian Data Valley meets EXPO"

Research, innovation, international collaborations at the center of the forum "The Italian Data Valley meets EXPO", organized by Italy Pavilion in collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna Region.

On the occasion of "Travel & Connectivity Week", the sixth of 10 thematic weeks of the "Program for People and Planet" of Expo 2020 Dubai, the forum “The Italian Data Valley meets EXPO” was held yesterday at the amphitheater of the Italian Pavilion, where the Bologna Technopole and the regional system of research and innovation were presented.

The event, divided into two panels, was attended and remotely by representatives of institutions, experts in the field of big data and artificial intelligence, entrepreneurs and university professors.

The following took part, among others: Maria Cristina Messa, Minister of University and Research, Vittorio Colao, Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, Paola Salomoni, councilor for School, University, Research, Digital Agenda of Emilia-Romagna, the president of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Infn) Antonio Zoccoli, the president of the Big data Foundation (Ifab), Francesco Ubertini.

The president of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini in video link.

Bonaccini- Presidente Emilia Romagna

In his speech the president Bonaccini he illustrated two projects that position the region at the international level. The first relates to the birth of a United Nations University within the Bologna Technopole of a United Nations University dedicated to human development in the digital society. The second concerns a international agreement of collaboration between the Big data Foundation (IFAB), chaired by Francesco Ubertini, and the Dubai Future Foundation with an International Scientific Board with world-class scholars and experts. “Thanks to the Bologna Technopole, Emilia-Romagna has become a European hub of innovation - said Bonaccini - We want to define areas of collaboration for an integrated and shared ecosystem of Emilia-Romagna innovation”. Speaking of Tecnolopolo, the president of Emilia-Romagna highlighted that it is "the largest infrastructural investment in the new data economy, with a total value of one billion euros invested thanks to resources from the European Commission, the Italian government and the Region" . Bonaccini explained that the Bologna Technopole “will host scientific bodies and national research centers, from the Infn to the Italia Meteo Agency, the Data Center of the European Weather Center and the Leonardo supercomputer. At that point the Technopole will be able to express the 80% of the Italian computing capacity and the 25% of the European one ". 

The Bologna Technopole will host the most important national scientific institutions, research centers and university campuses.

The minister of the University and Research spoke about the innovative initiatives of Emilia-Romagna, the importance of the Bologna Technopole as a model for Italy and other countries, and the search for collaborations. , Maria Cristina Messa.

"The innovative initiatives that Emilia-Romagna promotes testify to a vision for development connected to education and training and generate opportunities for other territories," said Messa. "There are many collaborations we are looking for - he added - and we want them to reach the Emirates and the whole world because this is a model that can be increased worldwide".

The computing power set up by Emilia-Romagna is an example to be replicated throughout Italy. “Data and artificial intelligence are the keys to growth, productivity, efficiency of the public sector and are areas where Emilia-Romagna is an excellence, a locomotive for other regions”. The words of the minister for technological innovation and digital transition, Vittorio Colao in his remote intervention.

The Minister explained the actions carried out by the government to promote the digitization and exploitation of data for the benefit of education, business and the public sector.

The councilor of the Emilia Romagna Region spoke about the creation of new opportunities and expanding the Data Valley of Emilia-Romagna nationally and internationally. Paola Salomoni, with responsibility for education, research and digital.

“We are working to expand our future vision - he said - We must show what we can do with our technologies, which are not from Bologna, from Italy, but are a 'European facility'. They are a common good ". "We have to raise a new generation, to do this we are collaborating with companies to create a global system - he added - We have to find 2000 researchers, train them, here from Dubai we have begun to collect the threads that will allow us to have projects and people for common and shared purposes with those who want to collaborate with us ". 

Technopole of Bologna 

The Technopole of Bologna, headquarters in Ozzano dell'Emilia, named after Rita Levi Montalcini, is part of the Network of 10 Technopolis of Emilia-Romagna. The Network of 10 Technopoles of Emilia-Romagna is one of the fundamental components of the regional innovation ecosystem, coordinated by ART-ER, the Emilia-Romagna consortium company for innovation.

The Technopoles are an initiative of the Emilia-Romagna Region, in collaboration with the Universities, Research Centers and Local Authorities of the interested territories.

The Bologna Technopole, managed by the IRET Foundation, a scientific research institution that operates in the field of degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, promotes the meeting between companies and research. It offers access to industrial research laboratories, equipped with know-how, advanced instrumentation and consultancy for the innovation and development of health and wellness products. 

The main sectors of intervention are those of pharmaceuticals, advanced therapies, medical devices and biotechnologies. 

Furthermore, the Bologna Technopole provides companies with a direct and indirect support service for risk analysis in relation to the provisions of the regulatory authorities for the placing on the market of products for human and animal health. 

The Bologna Technopole will become one of the largest computing centers in the world. Important Italian and international research centers of various disciplines will move to the area that housed the ancient tobacco factory of Bologna: from climatology to physics, from healthcare to Big Data. With the computing power of super computers it will be possible to perfect inventions before realization. Virtually simulate materials and new drugs, create virtual twins.

The actor Stefano Accorsi talks about the Bologna Technopole.