The issues of gender equality, women's empowerment and the role of women for sustainable development, economic growth and the fight against poverty will be addressed next week, from 16 to 22 January, on the occasion of the Global Goals Week at Expo 2020 Dubai.  

Gender equality is a priority of2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development undersigned in September 2015 by the governments of the 193 UN member states. World leaders agreed 17 global goals (officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs). Goal 5 aims to achieve gender equality in economic development, the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls (including the abolition of forced and early marriages) and equal rights at all levels of participation . 

For the UN “Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but the necessary condition for a prosperous, sustainable and peaceful world. Guaranteeing women and girls equal access to education, medical care, decent work, as well as representation in decision-making, political and economic processes, will promote sustainable economies, which can benefit societies and all of humanity " .

Gender equality at Expo 2020 Dubai

Women protagonists a Expo 2020 Dubai. From Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates and Director General of Expo 2020 Dubai, Women's Pavilion, the first pavilion entirely dedicated to women in a universal exhibition, to women who are directly involved in the development of Italy Pavilion and which have brought, and will bring to Dubai, Italian excellence. 

Women's Pavilion: when women thrive, humanity thrives. 

When women thrive, humanity thrives (when women thrive, humanity thrives). This is the message that can be read at the entrance to the Women's Pavilion, the first pavilion entirely dedicated to women in a universal exhibition. 

Women's Pavilion of Expo 2020, organized in collaboration with Cartier, was designed by four women. The French architect Laura Gonzalez he designed the upper part of the facade, together with the artist Kholoud Sharafi and to the French light designer Pauline David. The international artist El Seed, born in France to Tunisian parents, lent her unique artwork to transform the underside of the exterior.

Nadine Labaki, Lebanese actress and first Arab director nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film, directed the pavilion's introductory film. She highlighted the manifesto "when women thrive, humanity thrives". 

Other women, actresses, directors and screenwriters, gave their contribution to the contents of the pavilion. The Italian actress also attended the opening ceremony of the Women's Pavilion Monica Bellucci, ambassador of the international brand Cartier.

Women's Pavilion: new perspectives

As part of the exhibition entitled "New Perspectives“, Women's Pavilion of Expo 2020, invites visitors to celebrate and recognize the central role that women have played throughout history to the present day. By showing these contributions, as well as the challenges that women around the world still face, the Pavilion seeks to amplify an important principle: when women thrive, humanity thrives.

Inside a dark but star-studded hall of Women's Pavilion, faces of known and unknown women shine through bright frames adorning the walls.

From the queen of Sheba who crossed the desert to present precious gifts to King Solomon; 16th-century warrior queen Amina of Nigeria; Emmeline Pankhurst, who led “The Suffragettes” for women's right to vote in the UK; Ruth Brader Ginsburg from the United States and Sheikha Fatima bin Mubarak, Mother of the UAE Nation and icon of women's empowerment.

French actress, screenwriter and director Mélanie Laurent occupies the second floor of the Pavilion, with an immersive exhibition that promotes, in three sections, dialogue across cultural, artistic and social fields. The first section highlights the universal bond between women and their ecosystems through a sculpture and a series of exclusive photographs taken and selected by Mélanie. 

The second section invites visitors to discover a virtual reality film, which shows stories of women from all over the world, as they browse through their experiences. The third and final section brings to life a unique audiovisual work of art, reflecting the voices of women around the world.

The goal of the Women's Pavilion through conferences and events it is to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in society and raise awareness of gender equality and the importance of creating a more inclusive society.

“The UAE has placed gender equality and women's empowerment at the heart of their ethics since their founding, recognizing the immense potential of women to contribute to the rapid advancement of the nation, a belief that is echoed globally. as fundamental for sustainable development ". Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates and Director General of Expo 2020 Dubai.


Until now and for the entire duration of Expo 2020 Dubai, Women's Pavilion has fielded a series of events, exhibitions, debates with women's emancipation at the center. Today, on the occasion of Travel & Connectivity Week (9-15 January) the sixth thematic week of Expo 2020 Dubai, an event dedicated to the fight against gender stereotypes was held at the Women's Pavilion in which she participated Fatmire Isaki, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia who in his speech called for greater participation of women in decision-making processes. You spoke about the economic and social benefits at the global level of equal access for women in the global labor market Cristina Falcone, Vice President of Public Affairs, UPS Europe in a panel on Monday. The debates fall within the scope of 'Visions and Journeys' of Women's World Majlis, in collaboration with the World Majlis, as part of the “Program for People and Planet” of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Over the next few months, the topics of Expo Thematic Weeks will continue to be explored, recognizing and celebrating women around the world and their positive contributions in promoting sustainable development.

Italy Pavilion: gender equality and women empowerment

On the occasion of the international campaign 'Orange the World ' launched by the United Nations body for gender equality and women's empowerment (from 25 November to 10 December last), the Italian Pavilion projected the words 'No to violence against women' on its tricolor facade. “Italy at the forefront also at Expo Dubai in the United Nations campaign to combat violence against women: our Pavilion was the only one to be colored orange and give visibility to this message on its facade. In the coming weeks, the Pavilion will host numerous initiatives to promote gender equality in work, health and training. ", Said the Commissioner General for Italy at Expo Dubai Paolo Glisenti.

Italy is at the forefront in the commitment to gender equality, as demonstrated by the many women who have been directly involved in the development of the Pavilion and who have brought Italian excellence to Dubai. From Isabella Colangelo, architect, is Co-responsible for the construction supervision of the Italian Pavilion, Paola Carniglia e Chiara Rossolimo, Sales Director and Project Manager of OTIM, took care of the delicate packaging and transport from Florence to Dubai of the twin of Michelangelo's David, in Diana Bracco, former Commissioner General for the Italian Pavilion at the Milan Expo in 2015, who in Dubai on the occasion of the national day brought Italian musical excellence with the Accademia della Scala in Milan, and scientific excellence, with the installation of "The Beauty of Imaging”Of the Bracco Group, Gold Sponsor of the Italian Pavilion.

Underlining the central role of Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai on the issues of gender equality and women empowerment was the Commissioner General Paolo Glisenti in his speech at the event "Expo 2020: Beyond Empowering Women", organized by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Italy in collaboration with the Professional Women's Association (PWA) in Rome on the occasion of Women's Day in the UAE "The theme of the female question is present in all the thematic weeks of Expo Dubai, determining a fundamental change in the vision and approach of the Universal Exposition", said Glisenti for then underline the initiatives that will see and see our country as protagonist: "The Italian Pavilion will have 11 thematic events dedicated to women during the Expo semester, which will include, among other things, gender medicine and cultural diplomacy".

Among the initiatives and talks organized to date in the Italian Pavilion we mention the forum "Education for Women's Empowerment", an all-female event promoted by Milan Foundation for Expo 2015 and the Politecnico di Milano, which took place on 10 November last. An international call to support the construction of an inclusive society, founded on the values of innovation, sustainability and economic growth. An important challenge to contribute to the creation of an environment dedicated to education and training, as well as to increase resources to guarantee women greater access to their skills to the world of technical-scientific research and the labor market.