Spirulina Algae: at Expo Dubai the microalgae purifies the air with an innovative Italian technology

With an innovative and sustainable technology process, the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai "breathes" without artificial air conditioning. How? With a Spirulina algae cultivation plant. We went to the place and talked about it with the Italian team that created the unique project at the universal exhibition.

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Sustainability, health, well-being and safety. Italy shows the world the best scientific and technological skills within the Italy Pavilion with a Spirulina algae cultivation plant, unique at Expo 2020 Dubai.

For the entire duration of the exhibition semester, the carbon dioxide produced by the breath of visitors to the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 will be transformed into oxygen, thanks to microalgae. Italian technology, innovative and sustainable, developed by TOLO Green, a company operating in the field of renewable energy and in the microalgae sector and technical partner of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, consists in the installation of five large tanks, around the Belvedere of the Pavilion, where Spirulina algae is grown.

During their journey, visitors emanate the breath rich in carbon dioxide that is sucked into the crops of the tanks where the spirulina algae, feeding on CO2 from the breath of visitors, emits oxygen.

Nutritional properties of the Spirulina algae

Spirulina is a small, spiral-shaped, blue-green microalgae with multiple nutritional properties, so much so that it is defined by FAO as the “Food of the Future”. Contains proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins of group B and E and has key components for health, such as beta-carotene, the phycocyanin they omega-6 essential fatty acids.

There are many beneficial properties for the body of the Spirulina algae: it has an anti-inflammatory action, lowers cholesterol and reduces cardiovascular risk. It also stimulates the proliferation of neurological stem cells and facilitates the mobilization of blood stem cells from the bone marrow to the peripheral blood and tissues.

Spirulina algae lives in freshwater lakes with alkaline and warm waters in Africa, Asia e South America.

TOLO Green

In Italy the Spirulina alga has found its ideal habitat in Sardinia, thanks to the climate that allows it to grow almost all year round, in the two plants in Milis and Arborea of TOLO Green, a company that operates in the field of renewable energy and in the sector of microalgae.

Tolo Green was born as a company that produces energy from renewable sources in particular with photovoltaics. Under the photovoltaic systems there are large greenhouses where darkness is generated as well as the growth of electricity production and we therefore decided to include some innovative activities from the point of view of organic production such as that of the Spirulina alga ". He told the Journal of Italian Healthcare World Gilberto Gabrielli Founder and CEO of TOLO Green. 

The cultivation of Spirulina algae, the "food of the gods", in addition to being used in various production processes, is also a tool capable of filtering the air.   

What is the activity of the Spirulina algae in this process?

He talks about it in the video Gilberto Gabrielli, Founder and CEO of TOLO Green.

Gilberto Gabrielli - Founder and CEO of TOLO Green

Spirulina algae from Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai

The TOLO Green company brought innovative and sustainable technology to Expo 2020 Dubai to show visitors, during the exhibition path of the Italian Pavilion, the Italian scientific and technological skills in the sector of sustainability and well-being.

"We are the only company present at Expo Dubai with carbon dioxide capture techniques that make the Italian Pavilion an environment that breathes through theenergy produced by the Spirulina algae which uses the carbon dioxide emitted by visitors“, Underlined Gabrielli.

What are the effects from the point of view of the environment and health? 

Gilberto Gabrielli

Spirulina algae at Expo 2020 Dubai: growth, transformation and its use in the paints used to color the walls of the Italian Pavilion.

Gilberto Gabrielli

How was the idea for Expo 2020 Dubai born?

He answers Federico Micheli, Chief Operative Officer of TOLO Green and project manager.

Federico Micheli Chief Operative Officer TOLO Green

Thanks to this innovative made in Italy technology, the Italian Pavilion is the only structure without artificial air conditioning at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The laboratory inside the Italian Pavilion

A technical laboratory has been positioned adjacent to the walkway where visitors can see the growth process of the microalgae, the equipment and the daily work of the biologists. 

What is the manufacturing process?

He explains it in the video Michela Altea, Biologist TOLO Green showing the equipment used and the dilution process of the Spirulina algae.

Michela AlteaBiologist TOLO Green

The innovative technology with effects on the environment and health of TOLO Green, the largest Italian producer of microalgae, is one of the most interesting and green attractions at Expo 2020 Dubai at the Italian Pavilion inspired by sustainability.

From left: Gilberto Gabrielli; Michela Altea; Federico Micheli


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