A technological and multimedia artistic work inspired by the beauty of progress on imaging: starting from nature, passing to man and entering the molecular up to what is not seen, making it visible to the eye of the viewer. In one word: The Beauty of Imaging.


What is The Beauty of Imaging?

It is a setup of the Bracco GroupOfficial Gold Sponsor of the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, thanks to which the Italian model of research and innovation will be shown to visitors from all over the world during the exhibition itinerary of the Italian pavilion. Strong of his experience in life science, in predictive and personalized medicine, the Bracco Group, world leader in diagnostic imaging and medical devices, at Expo 2020 Dubai wants to highlight the importance of life sciences and in particular diagnostic imaging, one of the most relevant discoveries in contemporary medicine. 


The Bracco's screen, created by Giò Forma, is 4 meters high and uses 82 screens, 225 LEDs and 1 kilometer of cables.


The giant multimedia screen "The Beauty of Imaging" which reached Dubai airport with the support of the partner Avion, is completing the construction phases at the Italian Pavilion, located between the thematic areas "Opportunity" and "Sustainability" of the Expo 2020 Dubai site. It will be the only multimedia attraction of the Italian Pavilion.


A body that becomes a stage at Expo 2020 Dubai and that during the exhibition semester will arouse a unique and exciting experience for all those who stop to admire the new Italian digital beauty with unpublished scientific contents on the future of predictive medicine. 

“Universal exhibitions have always been events capable of marking a change of pace, an acceleration. Expo 2020 Dubai will be an opportunity to restart after the pandemic thinking about a new future and looking beyond ". The words of Dr. Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the Bracco Group, former President of Expo 2015 and General Commissioner of the Italian Pavilion, in the presentation video.

An invisible bridge that connects Milan to Dubai. A symbolic handover that appreciates and embraces the future and the possibilities for growth and innovation as at any Universal Exposition.

"Beauty unites people" is the claim chosen to guide Italy's participation in Expo 2020, where beauty is understood as connection, as competence, as innovation and as a vehicle of knowledge, a code of values that has always distinguished the Italian identity. And beauty “will be the value that unites the Italian Pavilion and Bracco, the power of Italian beauty to explain the strength of research and innovation”.  

Bracco's approach to Expo 2020 Dubai

Since last year, the Bracco Group has started a process of approaching Expo 2020 Dubai by implementing a series of initiatives:

  • The first was a webinar on 15 December 2020 entitled “#Beyond Research and Innovation - Bracco at Expo 2020 Dubai";
  • On 2 February Bracco took part in a global digital initiative promoted by Expo 2020 Dubai and dedicated to the issues of health and well-being, to launch "Health and Wellness week;
  • On March 15, 2021 the webinar "#BeyondLifeScience - Research & Innovation in the era of precision medicine“. 

Events during Expo 2020 Dubai

On the occasion of the exhibition semester, which will start on 1 October until 31 March 2022, the Bracco Group has organized a series of events to present cutting-edge solutions in the field of health, safety and prevention, starting with the application ofartificial intelligence to diagnostic imaging.


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