Expo 2020 Dubai: “Programme for People and Planet” for a healthier and fairer world for all

A program of 10 thematic weeks and 18 International Days to explore issues of global importance with over 220 events: from large forums and public conferences to seminars and workshops.

At Expo 2020 Dubai a program of change for people and the planet. Designed with and for the global community, the goal of the "Program for People and Planet" is to find solutions to the most pressing problems for a healthier, safer, cleaner and fairer world for all. Partners, participating countries and visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai have been called - both physically and remotely via digital channels - to join the program to explore topics of global significance. In line with the themes of the technology and innovation, of the emancipation of young people and women and girls, the "Programme for People and Planet ”will be a unique opportunity for discussion, exchange of ideas and sharing between local institutional leaders and the 191 participating countries.

With over 220 events, from large forums and public conferences, to seminars and workshops, the "Programme for People and Planet ”will take place during the Expo 2020 Dubai exhibition semester and is divided into 10 thematic weeks and 18 International Days, where key issues of global relevance will be addressed. In the thematic weeks, participants will study solutions to global challenges ranging from mitigating climate change and biodiversity loss and making habitats more sustainable, to bridging the digital gap and ensuring equal access to education and healthcare.

Also visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai they will be able to deepen the themes of the "Program for People and Planet ”through a path dedicated to them. Self-guided tours will be available onExpo 2020 Dubai app and will allow visitors to discover the different ways in which countries and other organizations are responding to the key challenges we are facing as a global community. 

"The Programme for People and Planet will not only form an essential part of our activities related to the 'Connecting Minds, Creating The Future' event, but will also catalyze a one-of-a-kind movement to give life to the legacy that Expo 2020 Dubai, once finished , will leave it to future generations ".

Nadia Verjee, Chief of Staff, Expo 2020 Dubai.

The People and the Planet Program calls for reflection on the challenges and opportunities facing not only governments, but all people living on the planet.

Five paths that will accompany the 10 thematic weeks 

  • The cultural path of Expo, Build Bridges will aim to break down borders, exploiting the power of storytelling, art and music to foster intercultural dialogue and the exchange of knowledge.
  • The social development path of Expo, Leave No One Behind, will highlight the importance of opportunity for all, asking the question: what can we do today to create a fairer tomorrow? This path will also have a particular focus on gender equality and communities at risk of marginalization.
  • Climate change is the most serious threat our planet faces: the actions we take now will have an impact on the environment that we leave for future generations. Live in Balance will focus on how the global community can work together to restore balance with the planet.
  • At a time of global economic change, the path Thrive Together will focus on tangible business opportunities with the prospect of resilient growth and productive partnerships at the center of Expo 2020 Dubai.
  • Fifty years ago, the founding fathers of the UAE conceived a vision for a new future for their people. The fifth path, Vision 2071 it will focus on the future and how anything is possible if we, as a global community, work together.
Programme for People and Planet


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