The city of Naples is the first in Europe to have successfully performed the surgery on a 56-year-old patient who is not eligible for a heart transplant. 

This is the first bioartificial heart total Carmat Aeson. "The device, unlike the Syncardia device, which is totally mechanical, has biological valves and works with small electric motors that pump blood into the aorta or pulmonary artery, and is also designed to self-regulate the range of blood flow thanks to in the presence of sensors and software ", reads the note of the Hospital of the Hills

The Monaldi hospital in Naples among the European excellences

“Proud to have been the first center in Europe selected. After the experimentation phase, Carmat for the implantation of this innovative device. " The words of Maurizio di Mauro, director of the hospital agency. "With this additional tool available - concludes - we take another step to offer patients suffering from advanced heart failure the best possible care“.

The intervention 

The device - explains Marisa De Feo, director of the UOC of General Cardiac Surgery and director of the Department of Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation - it was implanted in a patient who, due to his clinical condition, was not eligible for heart transplantation. Thanks to this intervention it will be possible to restore the lung function necessary to start the process for inclusion in the transplant list. The optimal management of this procedure was possible thanks to multidisciplinary work and the cooperation between those who, in our department, for years, have been selecting patients with appropriate indication for total artificial heart implantation and the Carmat specialists who followed us both in the of training, which took place at the laboratory of the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris, which during the delicate operating and perioperative phase“. “This new technology - adds - it is much quieter and easier to manage in the post-operative phase, and ensures patients a better quality of life“.


TAH (Total Artificial Heart)

The operation is called TAH (total artificial heart) and is a procedure that the European Union approved last January. The prototype of an artificial heart implanted in Monaldi's patient was developed by the French company CARMAT. The goal is to restore lung function in the patient and make him stable while waiting for a donor. 


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