With great pride we announce that Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna Dr. Pierdanilo has been awarded with the honor "To the merit of the Italian Republic" for his commitment to promoting Italian healthcare in the United Arab Emirates. The recognition of the title of Officer of the Order of the Star of Italy was given by His Excellency Ambassador of Italy in the United Arab Emirates, Nicola Lener, in the occasion of 75th anniversary of the Italian Republic National Day in Abu Dhabi.

Since he moved to Dubai in 2015, , Dr. Sanna has always distinguished himself for his dedication to the medical profession, for his support to the Italian community also during the Covid-19 pandemic and to the activities of theEmbassy of Italy Abu Dhabi regarding the healthcare.

"Thanks to his specialist training and professional experience, Dr Pierdanilo Sanna has always held prestigious
positions in various clinics in the UAE. He has shown the utmost dedication to both the medical profession and, in particular, to the Italian community in the UAE. The creation of the first digital platform 'Italian Healthcare World', entirely conceived and
managed by Dr. Sanna himself, has proved to be a useful tool to facilitate the networking of Italian doctors working in the UAE and ensure that Italian citizens can map them. The app was also presented as a "best practice" at the 4th MENA Consular Meeting
held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on 22-23 January 2020. Dr. Sanna has always proved to be an extremely punctual and qualified interlocutor, providing maximum support to the activities of this Embassy. Considering Dr. Sanna's exemplary career over the years and
his great willingness to help his fellow citizens in the UAE, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, he is undoubtedly a valid example of Italian expertise and professional qualities that are particularly appreciated abroad.".

With this motivation Dr. Sanna received the honor of Officer of the Star of Italy, given by the Italian Republic President upon proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairsafter consultation and approval by the Council of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. The honorary distinction honor appointment by the Ambassador of Italy in the Arab Emirates Nicola Lener, took place during the ceremony of the 75th anniversary of the the Italian Republic national day in Abu Dhabi.

The Order of the Star of Italywhich is the second civil honor of the State, represents a particular recognition in favor of all those who, Italians abroad or foreigners, have acquired particular merits promoting the relationships of friendship and collaboration between Italy and other countries and in the promotion of ties with Italy. For the nomination for the award of the honor,the preservation of the Italian spirit and the promotion of national prestige abroad are considered: this translates into various activities, such as the promotion of the Italian language, voluntary and charitable activities, philanthropic activities, participation in the associative life of the Italian communities abroad, scientific and technological research, pastoral missions, commercial enterprises, promotion of food and wine, and the offer of work to Italians.

" To get such kind of award - said Dr. Sanna - was a moment of intense emotion. I did not prepare a speech for the ceremony because I preferred to allow my heart to speak. In this way, I could enjoy the intensity of the moment with all its emotional impact and the great pride of being Italian. My family has always taught me that if you like to do something, if you believe in a project, don't listen to anyone, just do it: "Do it!" as the English say, and this is what I did. What was missing was a network of Italian healthcare professionals connected to each other and available to the Italian community that trusts in our medical competencies and excellence unfortunately not properly valued. The idea of the Italian Healthcare World platform was born as an attempt to create an international "showcase" of Italian healthcare know-how to highlight the contribution that various Italian healthcare professionals give to the development of healthcare both in Italy and abroad".

Dr. Sanna designed Italian Healthcare Worldthe first digital platform that brings together Italian doctors and healthcare professionals around the world. The web app has been presented by the Ambassador of Italy, Nicola Lener as a "Best practice" in occasion of IV Consular Meeting of the MENA area.

Who is Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna?

Born in 1970, after graduating in medicine and surgery at the University of Sassari and specializing in Orthopedics and Traumatology at the University of Milan, Dr. Sanna was Medical Officer of the Italian Marine Officer ( Head of the Medical Department of Nave Aviere and Nave Palinuro ) Ship Aviere e Palinuro training ship). He has worked in Italian hospitals in Milan, Turin and Rome. With theAmerican Board of Regenerative Medicine is expert in cellular therapy and regenerative medicine.Since 2015 have been working both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

He's in charge as a Head of Orthopedic Department at Abu Dhabi Stem Cells CenterADSCCthe first in its kind regarding the cells therapy applications.

TheADSCC) was the first performing a bone marrow transplant in the United Arab Emirates,and also developed an innovative stem cell treatment for Covid-19 patients..


" Is called - expalined Dr. Sanna and consists in the nebulization of a mixture of particular activated stem cells and growth factors. It consists of taking about 300 ml of peripheral blood that is then processed in the laboratory and prepared for administration to the patient by aerosol in two doses, one 24 hours apart. It should be noted, however, that this treatment is intended more as adjuvant therapy to conventional therapies and not as a treatment of first choice.

How was the idea?

The idea came up just after the beginning of the pandemic in February 2020 during one of the weekly scientific meetings of our team. It was thought that the use of particular very small stem cells (Very Small Embryonic-like Stem Cells) taken from the patient, could have beneficial effects on both the reduction of lung inflammation and its regeneration. It was then designed a randomized controlled trial (RCT) called SENTAD.


To date, over 10,000 symptomatic Covid19 patients of varying severity have been treated. Since the beginning, the results have been very encouraging both in terms of reduction of recovery time and hospitalization. A drastic reduction in the progression of the disease towards severe forms has also been observed. Moreover, in particularly severe cases, the cellular treatment was effective in reducing the mortality rate.

Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna thanks to his work in the United Arab Emirates on the Regenerative Medicine field, was interviewed by relevant Media TV in the UAE like Sky News Arabia e Abu Dhabi TV

He was key speaker at the first Bracco's Group Webinar speaking about the UAE Healthcare System with the main differences with the Italian one, how the U.A.E. faced the worldwide Covid-19 emergency and the future developments of the territory Healthcare.

The award of the honor as Officer of the Star of Italy is further confirmation of Italian excellence in the world and a recognition of the know-how of Italian medical professionalism at the international level.


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