Children's teeth: approach, care and prevention

The health and dental hygiene of children is as important as that of adults. Young patients must be followed by the pediatric dentist who knows the right approach techniques to establish a relationship of trust.

For the care of children's teeth it is essential for the pediatric dentist to establish an excellent relationship with young patients.

We met a pediatric dentist much loved by children: Francesca Piazzini who reveals what his secret is with the little patients. Woe to mention anesthesia ... why? Find out in our video.

How many times do you happen to hear children say “no, I'm not going to the dentist!”… But since you are a child your teeth need treatment and require periodic checks by the pediatric dentist. What is the right age for the first visit? What is the oral hygiene that must necessarily be followed for the health of the teeth? The doctor answers Francesca Lidia Piazzini, a pediatric dentist in Dubai. Read the article

Dr Francesca Piazzini is a network member of Italian Healthcare World, the first platform dedicated to Italian doctors and health professionals residing abroad. Their profiles can be consulted in our very useful WebApp.


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