The journey continues. We went to the United States in the city of Denver and talked to Dr. Marcello Rotta, a hematologist at the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute, about the management of patients with hematological diseases (leukemia, lymphomas and myelomas) in this period of emergency from Covid-19. 

Patients with haematological diseases are at high risk of contagion from Covid-19.

What are the preventive measures to avoid the risk of contagion?

If they get infected, what is the protocol?

The testimony of Dr. Marcello Rotta, specialized in internal medicine oncology, hematology and bone marrow transplantation at Colorado Blood Cancer Institute in Denver a large center that deals with the treatment of haematological diseases.

“There are currently about 20 ICU patients in our hospital. Patients suffering from haematological diseases (leukemia, lymphomas and myelomas) are immunodrepressed and need greater attention to avoid contagion from Covid-19. All the people who revolve around patients suffering from these diseases follow strict protocols ”. Dr. Marcello Rotta

To find out more, listen to the interview


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