Coronavirus: the situation in London

What is the Covid-19 impact in London? We talked about it with Dr. Sara Pruneddu who carries out her profession at King's College Hospital in London.

Doctors and all healthcare professionals are the category most exposed to contagion risk. The tension increases when there is a considerable number of positive Covid-19 cases in the hospital where one works. This is the case of the doctor Sara Pruneddu who carries out his profession at King's College Hospital in London. To cope with the spread of the virus, the hospital is foreclosing all personnel in the emergency departments. Doctor Pruneddu, who specializes in dermatology, says that her department offers staff support advice related to the problem of hand dermatitis that is inevitably developing due to frequent washing and the use of sanitizing detergents.

The Drssa Sara Pruneddu is a network member of Italian Healthcare World, the first platform dedicated to Italian doctors and health professionals residing abroad. Their profiles can be consulted in our very useful WebApp.


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