Coronavirus: The immune response against Covid-19. Video Interview with Prof. Luca Simeoni

What is the immune response against the SARS-Cov2 virus? What are the characteristics and how to defend ourselves from contagion? Luca Simeoni, prof. of Immunology at the University of Magdeburg and group leader on the activation of T lymphocytes essential for the immune response.

The spread of the Coronavirus in a few months has brought the world population to its knees engaged in fighting a still little known enemy. The characteristics of its genetic makeup, even it is similar to the Coronavirus cousins, which give rise to common colds, make it more aggressive.

Why and what is the immune response against this virus?

It happens on two fronts: on the one hand, there are the B lymphocytes that produce antibodies with a neutralizing function and which serve precisely to neutralize the virus and on the other, there are the T lymphocytes which instead have a cytotoxic function that is able to kill cells infected with the virus and thus act against viral replication. After the virus has been eliminated, a part of these lymphocytes persist in our body in the form of cells of the "immunological memory", they have stored the virus and are able to recognize and eliminate it very quickly should the virus reappear ". This is what said Luca Simeoni, prof. of immunology at the Faculty of Medicine ofMagdeburg University , capital of the federal state Saxony-Anhalt. Always in the same university is a group leader for research on the activation of T lymphocytes essential for the immune response.  

Professor Simeoni also explains what are the characteristics of the SARS CoV-2 virus and also tells what is the situation in the part of the world where he moved and works.

Covid-19 Pandemic. Is that a scary word?

More than being afraid of the virus, one must be cautious and avoid infect the people most exposed.

SarsCoV2 is a new virus for humans and very little is known, the only certainty is its speed of contagion. At the moment, vaccines and drug therapies are not yet available.

How can we defend ourselves from the virus?

Following all the recommendations issued by national and international organizations, such as: wash your hands often, avoid crowded places, keep safe distances and do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands. These measures are preventative and do not make us immune. We could only have immunity with a vaccine that works against the virus

Luca Simeoni immunologo
Prof. Luca Simeoni

Like many people who emigrated from Italy abroad for work reasons, he is experiencing the new Coronavirus pandemic emergency from an Italian transplanted to a location other than his country of origin. 


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