Abu Dhabi: Italian Healthcare World example of best practice

The Italian Healthcare World (IHW) platform, which brings together all Italian doctors and health professionals abroad in an international network, was presented by the Italian Ambassador Nicola Lener as an example of best practice at the Consular area meeting held in Abudhabi on 23 January 2020.

The platform Italian Healthcare World, was presented by His Excellency Nicola Lener, Ambassador of Italy to the United Arab Emirates, as an example of best practice at the consular area meeting held in Abu Dhabi on 23 January 2020.

Participated, with their interesting testimonies, the Dr. Sergio Valenti (Urologist-Valiant Clinic), la Dr. Patrizia Porcu (Oncologist - Mediclinic City Hospital) e Daniel Rigel (Chiropractor - Chiropractic Neurology Center).

The meeting was also an opportunity to meet again the former Ambassador of Italy to the United Arab Emirates, Liborio Stellino under whose auspices the platform was launched.

From left: former ambassador Liborio Stellino; Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna; Dr. Sergio Valenti; ; ambassador Nicola Lener, Daniel Rigel; Dr. Patrizia Porcu; Consul General of Italy Dubai Valentina Setta

The meeting ended with a round table in the presence of Minister Luigi Maria Vignali, Director General for Italians Abroad and for migration policies.

In the splendid scenery of the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, 1 year after its official launch, the Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna, creator and founder of Italian Healthcare World, exhibited the full potential of the first digital platform that brings together Italian doctors and healthcare professionals around the world.

Features Italian Healthcare World

Connecting professionals to each other in a solid network and making it accessible to the Italian community, to Italian tourists or travelers abroad. A tool simple, fast and effective, able to give further support, through multidisciplinary consultations, in case of emergency.


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