"The United Arab Emirates is a country with great potential to develop our relations in various aspects, including the Healthcare sector. Among the projects is to help and assist the country in improving its skills in the health sector thanks to the contribution of technology, but above all of the professionalism and competence of Italian doctors and professionals already present in the territory.".

With this statement His Excellency Nicola Lener, Ambassador of Italy to the United Arab Emirates opens the video interview on the role of Italian Healthcare in the United Arab Emirates.

Among the topics we talk greater collaboration between the Italian structures of excellence and the UAE healthcare realities and the enhancement of the know-how of Italian doctors and health professionals present in the area who are contributing to the development of Healthcare in the UAE. One of the goals of the United Arab Emirates it is precisely that of acquiring the best and most innovative healthcare system in the world in the coming years.

"In the Emirates - Ambassador Lener said - collaborations are already active with some private Italian structures, but we must make our healthcare excellence better known thanks also to the presence on the territory of Italian professionals who represent an excellent trait d'union for a greater development of the connection and collaboration network between the two countries ".

Ambassador of Italy to the Emirates Nicola Lener
Ambassador of Italy to the UAE, HE Nicola Lener

Made in Italy must include health among the values for which it is known in the world: from research, technology, to medical professionalism

"At the international level - the Ambassador states - our health system is highly recognized as one of the best in the world, as is the Italian medical professionalism, but we must highlight them even more and we will do it by organizing, promoting and supporting private initiatives as well ”.

A private initiative that aims precisely at highlight the added value and the significant contribution of Italian health specialists in the world and at the same time connect them with the Italian community abroad, is the web platform Italian Healthcare World (IHW).

The Ambassador of Italy to the UAE enthusiastically comments on the initiative

"Is one extraordinary example how it is possible to create a network by giving visibility to the presence and competence of Italian doctors and health professionals present in the area by making a network of specialists available to the Italian community abroad to refer to ".

When the platform and the objectives was born

Italian Healthcare World was born last year in Dubai on the initiative of Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna, one of the doctors present in the UAE, and aims to spread to other countries of the world. "We will host an area meeting of the Italian Consuls in the coming months - concludes Ambassador Lener - and it will be my intention present the platform to verify the possibility of replicating it in other countries of the world ".


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