Our body is about 65% of water, a quantity that must be kept constant by balancing the consumption through food and drink, and the lost expelled with breathing, sweating or through urine.

What are the benefits of water for our body?

What are the main characteristics of the waters on the market?

How to choose the one that best suits our needs? 

We asked the doctor Ilaria Carandente Dietitian and Nutritionist in London at Dottore London.

Dr. Ilaria Carandente
Dr. Ilaria Carandente

"The multiple benefits brought by the water to the whole organism, in part linked to the nature of the liquid itself, and partly due to its oligomineral composition - he has declared - make it an essential element for our survival and our psycho-physical well-being as it has an essential fundamental role in all the processes of the organism and is necessary for the correct performance of the metabolic functions. Some of its functions are essential, including regulating the functioning of different cellular activities; transporting oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues of our body through blood and lymph; protecting the most delicate organs or stimulating the functioning of the brain and the immune system. Equally important is the contribution of the water in facilitating the digestion and regulating the intestinal transit, thus preventing or alleviating the disorders related to it, as well as in promoting Promotes diuresis, thus contributing to reducing the risk of urinary tract infections. Moreover, its ability is not only to hydrate and keep the skin elastic, thus making it healthier and preventing ageing but also to purify the body by eliminating waste and toxins, which play a primary role in the formation of the imperfections of the skin".

The right amount for our body

It is difficult to define a "right" amount of water needed by our body, because, as stated by the doctor, it depends on various environmental factors including climate, diet or physical activity, as well as age or states physiological conditions such as pregnancy or breastfeeding. "The amount of water conventionally recommended for a healthy adult - explained the doctor - it is at least 1.5-2 litres per day, generally enough to maintain the balance necessary for our body. On the other hand, there are occasions where the water requirements are higher, as in the cases mentioned above, and in which it is not uncommon to find signs and symptoms of dehydration (especially in the elderly and children) including cramps, fatigue, dry skin, dizziness and fainting. "    

The different types of water and the differences

Water with low mineral content, natural mineral or rich in mineral salt. The common denominator is: the right amount of water is vital for our body. However, not all waters are the same. On the market there are several, each with their own characteristics: there is the one that promotes diuresis, the one that helps digestion the most or the one indicated to integrate mineral salts.

“No water is absolutely better than the other - he underlined Ilaria Carandente - but the choice must be based on one's own conditions and needs. Water with a low fixed residue is commonly considered "better" than water with a higher fixed residue. This is not because mineral salts are harmful, but because if in excess, they tend to accumulate in the kidneys and tissues, attracting water ".

Minimally mineralized, low mineralized, medium mineral water and water rich in minerals, each of them has properties that bring benefits to the body. Who are they suitable for?

Minimally mineralized water (<50mg / L) it is poor in minerals which makes it easier for diuresis and highly digestible so it is suitable for sensitive subjects such as noenates. Due to its low sodium content, it is also particularly suitable for hypertension or to counteract cellulite and skin blemishes. TheOligomineral water (50-500mg / L) is thirst-quenching and with a moderate quantity of minerals. For this reason, is the most recommended waters, if there is not specific diseases or conditions, as a varied diet should be already able to provide the necessary amount of mineral salts. TheMedium mineral water (501-1500mg / L): it contains a high quantity of mineral salts, so it is particularly suitable for athletes to replenish salts following excessive sweating. Finally, theWater rich in minerals (> 1500mg / L): it contains a very high percentage of mineral salts so it is useful in cases where rehydration is required (vomiting, dysentery, sweating). Preferably this type of water must be taken under medical prescription, as it is also used in case of pathologies based on the mineral most present within it: ferrous waters in case of anemia, calcium waters to prevent osteoporosis, sulphurous ones to fight constipation etc….

What are the main elements to keep in mind for a correct choice?

The label on the bottles uniquely identifies all the elements and characteristics of a mineral water and is therefore the means we have at our disposal to be able to orient ourselves between the different types of water and choose the one that best suits your needs. Among the values on the label, there are some to which it would be necessary to show particular attention:

  • TDS - Total Dissolved Solid , indicates the number of mineral salts dissolved in the water. The waters are classified in different categories based on the value of their fixed residue: minimally mineralized ( 1500mg / L)
  • Nitrates and nitrites, potentially harmful substances to the body (able for example to hinder the transport of oxygen) if taken in high quantities. In fact, nitrates should never exceed 45mg / L, while nitrites should be almost or completely absent
  • Ph, water acidity index as in the case of those enriched with carbon dioxide which positively influences digestion
  • Hardness: It means the quantity of limestone dissolved in water

Obviously, we can also find on the label the quantity of the individual mineral salts, which can definitely influence the choice of the water best suited to individual needs and conditions. Based on these considerations, water represents an essential element for our psycho-physical well-being and the same importance should be attributed to the choice of the water that best suits our needs. It is therefore very important to read and understand the labels as well as to ask for the opinion of professionals who can turn to for more precise indications on where and how to orientate".

In short, drinking water is important, but the choice taking into account individual needs and / or if you are suffering from pathologies is even more important.

According to the guidelines of the Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of the Agricultural Economy (CREA), to feel good it is important to drink water often without waiting for the sense of thirst to come, this applies to everyone, but especially to the elderly and children.

How does bottled water arrive on consumers' tables by taking a long journey and keeping its original characteristics intact?

We met Stefano Iorini, CEO of Acqua Monviso in the United Arab Emirates

Monviso water: source of well-being

Stefano Iorini
Stefano Iorini

Stefano Iorini, describe the characteristics of the Monviso water, the precautions taken during the trip from Italy to Dubai and the entrepreneurial spirit that established a Made in Italy (Piedmont) product in the Emirate territory. The CEO of Monviso Water also talks about some interesting projects in collaboration with Al Jalila Foundation, the organization founded in April 2014 by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ruler of Dubai, which deals with research, medical innovation and projects for children's health (in collaboration with Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital), in order to improvehealth care in the United Arab Emirates.

Monviso water: origin and characteristics

From the highest natural spring in Europe, at 2042 meters above sea level and protected at 3.8 ° c from pollution and human settlement, to the cradle of the desert of the United Arab Emirates: Monviso water, thanks to its unique regenerating properties since ancient times, it has been valued in the UAE. 

Acqua Monviso label

"It is a minimally mineralized and extremely light water with one of the lowest sodium levels in the world - said Stefano Iorini - equal to 0.33 mg / L, and a TDS of 47.6mg / L ”.  

According to a document elaborated by the ex-former Ministry of Productive Activities and now Ministry of Economic Development, waters can be considered natural or minimally mineralized when originating from an underground aquifer, they come from one or more natural or perforated springs which have particular hygienic characteristics and, possibly, health-promoting properties".    

"Monviso water has a very low TDS - Dr Ilaria Carandente explained - it is a light water and therefore particularly suitable for feeding sensitive subjects such as newborns and in certain physiological states such as pregnancy. In particular, the quantity of sodium contained in this water is minimal so it is perfect in stimulating and promoting diuresis, thus counteracting water retention as well as the increase in blood pressure ".

Monviso water: from Italy to the United Arab Emirates

"We have been importing water Monviso since 2013 - Stefano Iorini said - because we wanted to introduce very light and pure water into a market dominated by “purified” waters. We are quite well known also thanks to the different people events, such as sports days, marathons, exhibitions, festivals and award ceremonies, in which we participate as sponsors, important occasions to remember the importance of buying mineral water and remembering its benefits for the body. The greatest success is to satisfy our customers with attention to health ".


Water Monviso arrives on the tables of consumers after having traveled about 6000 km without undergoing alterations, thus maintaining the original characteristics of 100% natural mineral water intact.    

“It is bottled, both in glass and in plastic, at the source in the north-west of Italy at the foot of Monte Monviso - specified the CEO of Monviso water - and then transported at a controlled temperature. Once it reaches its destination, the water is stored in warehouses with a constant temperature regime. To guarantee the quality of purity, deliveries are made using air-conditioned trucks. The plastic bottles are made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate  used in most disposable containers and the type of plastic is light and flexible ed) and do not contain BPA ”. ed) and do not contain BPA ”.

What is Bisphenol A?

The Bisphenol A is an organic compound used in the production of plastics for everyday objects, such as water bottles and baby bottles which, according to different studies , is harmful to health as it has a high toxicity due, as explained by Dr Carandente "Because of its characteristics, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has established a tolerable daily intake of 0.004 mg/kg body weight. Fortunately, the quantity of BPA we are exposed to daily is 3-5 times lower than recommended, so it should not be able to cause actual damage. Anyway, for safety and precaution, many countries have prohibited the use of BPA in the production of baby bottles, food containers or packaging”.

To keep the original characteristics of water in plastic bottles intact, correct storage is also very important, paying attention to some small precautions, such as:

  • Keep the bottles away from the light, sun and any heat sources;
  • Close the bottles once they have been opened;
  • Always check that there are no leaks or suspect substances: shake the bottle and check that no foam has formed.
  • Do not use ice because it can alter the taste and contaminate the original purity;
  • Never pour it into jugs or pitchers, either for hygienic reasons or to not confuse it with other waters;
  • After finishing the bottle, squeeze it to reduce its bulk and recycle it in the special plastic containers.

Monviso water and medical research

Monviso water is not only a source of well-being, but respects the environment and supports medical research.

"For about 2 years - Stefano Iorini said - we have collaborated with a provider, which has recently closed, thanks to which our customers have had the opportunity to recycle free of charge. For us, plastic and glass recycling is a very important action for the respect of the environment we continue the free collection directly for all our customers. The steps are simple and quick: collect the material and request a pickup at home, in the office or at any facility and book the withdrawal of Pet and Glass Monviso by calling 800- Monviso, or by sending a WhatsApp to +971 5645405 or by writing an email to [email protected] or mentioning the request in the order comments. The proceeds from the sales of the recycled bottles will be donated to the Al Jalila Foundation. Furthermore, thanks to another of our projects, plastic will not only be recycled but also transformed into textile fibres with which t-shirts will be produced and also in this case the proceeds from the sales will be donated entirely to charity. "

Monviso water is available throughout the UAE in the various hotels and restaurants, but it is also possible to order it through the website, the app or directly from the IHW platform by clicking on the link below and getting a 35% of discount.

Acqua Monviso partner of Al Jalila Foundation

Monviso water has another particular characteristic: it is one of the partners of Al Jalila Foundation, non-profit organization that since 2014 has supported medical research and projects aimed at children's health. The Foundation contributes, through the funding of scholarships, to research on cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and mental health, with the aim of improving health care in the United Arab Emirates on the occasion of the UAE. the heart of Dubai Healthcare City, the research center of the Al Jalila Foundation collaborates with high-level structures and professionals to discover innovative solutions to fight cancer with the aim of becoming a reference point for biomedical research at the international level. The Foundation also collaborates with Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital, the first pediatric hospital in the United Arab Emirates for the health and well-being of young patients.

"The collaboration between Monviso and the Foundation was born in 2017 - Iorini concluded with the charity initiative "Take water. Give life": We donate 1 Dirham for every litre we sell through the companies that have joined the project.

The funds are destined for medical research and until April 30, 2019, we have totalized over 380,000 Liters. The goal for the future is to increase donations by involving other companies, supermarkets, retail, schools in other countries in the world ".  


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