Against stress and insomnia ... pasta takes care of it!

Pasta for dinner? You can! The evening consumption of this food fights insomnia and stress. Science says so.

On the occasion of World Sleep Day which is celebrated today March 15, from a recent study published in the prestigious scientific journal The Lancet Public Health it emerged that eating pasta at dinner is good for your health because it facilitates sleep, does not make you fat .. on the contrary, it makes you lose weight. Incredible, but true! The study shows that thanks to the presence of Tryptophan and B vitamins in pasta, if consumed in the last hours of the day, it can be a valid help for stressed people and for those suffering from insomnia. So, go ahead for a good and tasty evening spaghetti, and to put it in Fellini's words “life is a combination of magic and pasta”, but be careful not to overdo the quantities.

Regular and moderate consumption of pasta it also seems to have effects on longevity: those who follow a diet characterized by an average intake of carbohydrates could live up to four years longer than those who replace them with proteins. This is what US scientists from Brigham and Women Hospital in Boston and the University of Minnesota of Minneapolis found after monitoring the diet and health conditions of 15,428 American citizens aged between 45 and 64, who had taken part to the investigation "Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study ”between 1987 and 1989, for a period of 25 years. This study was also published in the well-known scientific journal Lancet Public Health.

In short, pasta, the symbol of Italian culinary tradition, has had its revenge all over the world. On the occasion of the 20th edition of World Pasta Day this food has been described as "extraordinary, healthy, nutritious, accessible and sustainable, a pillar of the Mediterranean diet, recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO". Even the American burgers and fries have recognized the various beneficial properties of pasta, the Italian one. Alberto Sordi was far-sighted in the historic and unforgettable scene of the film "an American in Rome".


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