In Dubai an innovative tool for the detection of breast lumps and lesions: the contribution of Dr. Simonetta Monti

State-of-the-art technology for the most accurate detection and removal of breast lumps and lesions has been introduced in Dubai thanks to the contribution of an Italian professional. What is it about? What are the benefits?

Dr. Simonetta Monti is a highly experienced senologist surgeon who has worked for many years alongside Prof. Umberto Veronesi at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) from Milan.

He actively contributed to the introduction, in a major hospital in Dubai mainly dedicated to the care of women and children, of an innovative tool for the detection and more accurate removal of lumps and breast lesions.

It's called Magseed® and it's a minimally invasive medical technology used to accurately guide surgeons during breast cancer or tumor removal. It offers a simpler and more effective alternative to current treatment options.

Traditional procedures

Mainly there are two methods for the treatment of these lesions. The first is a "wire localization" procedure in which a thread equipped with a final anchoring system is inserted beforehand into the lesion under ultrasound guidance. At the time of surgery the thread acts as a guide for the surgeon in removing the lesion. Unfortunately, these wires can move, causing extreme discomfort for the patient.

The second procedure involves the injection of a radiotracer (a radioactive tracer into the breast). The lump or lesion removal surgery is guided by a probe that reveals the radioactivity in the lump with the help of the radiotracer. This procedure involves an elaborate preparation process. A hospital can only offer this if they have a nuclear medicine department available for the safe storage and injection of the radioactive tracer. High precautions need to be taken to avoid exposure of radioactive material for the surgeon, staff and patient.

rilevamento dei noduli e lesioni del seno: il contributo della dott.ssa Simonetta Monti
Dr. Simonetta Monti

Innovative procedure: Magseed

With the Magseed® system, on the other hand, localization takes place by positioning a small magnet in the lesion and its detection is done thanks to a special probe.

What are the benefits?

Dr. Simonetta Monti explained them in an interview with GODUBAI

Magseed is an excellent technique that offers a great alternative for patients, without the safety and regulatory concerns associated with radioactive exposure or the complications associated with traditional wire systems. Magseed is smaller than a grain of rice and is very easy to place. The clarity of imaging provided by the probe allows for safe and efficient placement of semen within the breast lesion and ease of localization during surgery. During the surgery, a magnetic probe detects the Magseed, and guides the surgeon over the tumor with extreme precision“.

This advanced, non-radioactive technology is extremely fast and safe for doctors and more comfortable for patients.



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