How many Italian healthcare professionals are in the UAE?
What are their specializations?
What are their titles and what is their experience? How to contact them?

To date, 104 professionals are known among doctors, dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses and midwives. Some practitioners of alternative medicine and functional medicine and speech therapists were also considered. The group also includes 5 Italian non-native professionals who have carried out their studies and / or practiced in Italy. Finally, some visiting doctors are added to these, considering their assiduous and constant presence in the UAE for several years.


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Health professionals in the territory

As for doctors only, their distribution is prevalent in Dubai (74), followed by Abu Dhabi (29), Al Ain (3) and finally RAK (1).
There is a strong prevalence in the category of dentists in Dubai (9) and only 1 in Abu Dhabi.
Almost the same proportion is for psychologists, including 7 in Dubai and only 1 in Abu Dhabi.

Geographical distribution of doctors and health professionals
Geographical distribution of doctors and health professionals

There are 14 specializations of the medical area and 15 of the surgical area for a total of 29.

Geographical distribution of doctors and health professionals
statistics medical specialists and health professionals
Distribution for specialties

Some considerations.

Doctors are present in many important health facilities. In particular:

DUBAI: Mediclinic City Hospital (4), Neuro Spinal Hospital (2), Saudi German Hospital (1), Canadian Specialty Hospital (1), Rashed Hospital (1), American Hospital (1), Al Zhara Hospital (1), Al Jalila Children's Hospital (1).

ABU DHABI: Cleveland Clinic (10) and Burjeel Hospital (3), Seha Emirates Hospital (1), Al Danat Al Emarat Hospital (2), Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital (1) and Mediclinic Hospital Airport (1).

Regarding the clinics, limiting ourselves to mentioning only those with more than one Italian doctor present, in Dubai we find 5 Italian doctors at the Valiant Clinic, 2 at the Zia Medical Center, 2 at the Healthbay Polyclinic, while at the Harley Street Medical Center in Abu Dhabi 6 doctors are present.
Lastly, there are 5 physiotherapists across the country (4 in Dubai and 1 in Abu Dhabi), 5 nurses (1 in Dubai and 4 in Abu Dhabi), 3 midwives (1 in Dubai and 2 in Abu Dhabi) and the only one the group's speech therapist works in Dubai. There is also 1 chiropractor in Dubai.
To make better the idea of the value of "Made in Italy" Healthcare and of the contribution it is giving to the UAE, we count 5 Professors coming from prestigious Italian universities, 4 former hospital primaries, 29 consultants and the rest specialist.
71% (52) of doctors have a work experience of more than 15 years (with peaks over 30 years), 22% (17) between 10 and 15 years and the remaining 7% (5) have an appreciable experience between 5 and 10 years.

Statistics of doctors and health professionals

Besides the purely static evaluation, a very important fact and of
Considerable social relevance is that most of these doctors and health professionals are connected in a well-structured network that is very functional and useful, both for the joint assessment of particularly sensitive cases with a multidisciplinary approach, and for an appropriate referral of patients to the specialist specialist. This professional health network, as far as possible, has also proved to be very useful in some cases of emergency, providing support and allowing the addressing of patients in the most suitable structures.

It is possible, downloading the WebApp-Italian Healthcare World,  have at your fingertips the majority of doctors and health professionals present in the territory of the Emirates, located on the map, accessible with the integrated navigator and contacted with direct call for appointments. In some cases, and for brief information, it is also possible to access a direct doctor / patient chat. For each professional it is possible to consult a profile with details on their specialization, sub-specializations and areas of particular interest as well as to view their CV.


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