ABU DHABI: The first center for chronic pelvic pain is born in the UAE.

The Prof. Francesco Cappellano has designed and built the first and only pelvic pain center in the United Arab Emirates. Is called Pelvic Care Center based in Abu Dhabi.

It is is a highly specialized facility where different specialists work together to offer multidisciplinary care to patients complaining of various diseases or conditions affecting the pelvic organs. The pelvis is the anatomical area where different organs, such as urinary bladder/urinary structures, reproductive organs, rectum and anus are localized. They are usually treated by a single specialist according to the most prevalent type of symptoms that the patient is complaining of. In many circumstances, pelvic organs belonging to different systems may be affected at the same time and therefore in order to achieve better and more comprehensive care, a multidisciplinary approach is the only solution in order to effectively improve a patient’s condition. Specialists who work in a Pelvic Care Centre are Urologists with neuro-urology skills, Gynecologists, Gastroenterologists and Colorectal surgeons: they are the core competence that should be present in any Pelvic Care Centre. In addition to these specialists, specialized personnel in charge of rehabilitation treatments are usually present to complement the activity of the center.

Another 4 Italian doctors are involved in the team: Dr. Massimo Cristaldi for the colorectal problems, Dr. Giovanni Antonio Cocco for neurophysiological dysfunctions, Dr. Enrica Falbo for the nephrological aspect and Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna for postural defect.
A gynecologist and a gastroenterologist of other nationalities collaborate with the Italian team.


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